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Dominated is a premier Dominic Monaghan fan fiction community where almost anything goes! Read alternate universe, real person, fandom, slash, visuals...or join the community and share your own writing.

1. Although visual (or "plot, what plot?") and slash fiction is allowed, do not neglect the use of warnings and ratings when posting your fiction.

2. Use the provided form (below, in the "posting items" section) when you post your fan fiction. This will give readers a chance to know what your piece is about without having to skim the entire piece. It will also serve as a warning so that readers can avoid certain types of fiction if they wish.

3. DO NOT post visuals/PWPs or slash depicting rape, incest, pedophilia or BDSM. Use common sense and disgression when posting. A good rule of thumb is if you can not find it in a novel at Barnes & Noble, DO NOT post it.

4. DO NOT post any inappropriate story graphics, artwork, or photos.

5. This community is ONLY for the posting of fan fiction. It is not a discussion board.

6. Any fan fiction posted MUST be somehow related to Dominic Monaghan, one of his characters, one of his past projects, or one of his co-stars. For example, you can post Lord of the Rings fan fiction, Matthew Fox fan fiction, Lost fan fiction, etc. Just SOMETHING related somehow to Dom.

7. All posted writing must be placed under cuts or linked to from another site. This is to keep the community "clean" and easy to navigate. Because of LiveJournal's restrictions, you will probably have to make seperate posts for each individual chapter.

8. You are allowed to post a story banner/graphic that introduces your story. It may be posted before your fic, but if the graphic is greater than 500x500 pixels, it must be placed behind a cut.

9. You are allowed to post original artwork along with your fiction, but all artwork (excluding a story banner) must be placed behind a cut.

10. Respect all fellow members, even if you don't like their fiction, or don't agree with them.

11. Flaming of Dominic's family, friends, and Evangeline in your fiction is absolutely prohibited. You are more than welcome to have them in your fiction, but do not make your fiction about how awful they are, how much you hate them, etc. You do not have to make them perfect, loveable characters, but do not go overboard. Just remember that they are people Dominic loves and cares about. :)

12. No spamming or posting junk. Writing only!

13. Please do not steal other's graphics. Instead, ask them if they can show you a few of their tricks.

1. You must be a member of Dominated to post fiction items. A LiveJournal account is free and you do not have to be approved to be a member! You also do not have to be a member to comment on posted items.

2. All posts must be approved by a moderator or maintainer and we reserve the right to deny and/or delete posted items at anytime if they are deemed inappropriate, full of webspeak, unreadable or unrelated to the community.

3. All posted writing must be placed under cuts or linked to from another site. This is to keep the community "clean" and easy to navigate. Because of LiveJournal's restrictions, you will probably have to make seperate posts for each individual chapter. It might be helpful to put links to previous chapters when you post a new one.

4. All posted items must have the following form COMPLETELY filled out, unless otherwise noted, and posted BEFORE the fic (and NOT under a cut):

Fandom: (OPTIONAL)
Warnings/Notes: (OPTIONAL, but only if no warning is needed)

Not sure how to fill out the form? View the FAQ section below. Also, feel free to add anything to the form that you see fit: a website link, an e-mail address, pairings, characters, etc. Just remember to keep it clean.

5. Take advantage of tags!

6. A story banner or graphic is a GREAT way to get your fiction noticed. Just remember to keep it smaller than 500x500 pixels if you are not going to post it under a cut.

7. Please, please, PLEASE edit and use spell check before posting fiction. Unreadable fics will be denied and deleted! If you hate editing, consider finding a beta reader.

8. All posted fiction will be saved to memories and placed in the "library", which can be found below.

1. I'm ready to post a great piece of fiction! But how to I fill out that form?
Don't worry...here are some easy examples and explanations:

Title: Be creative! But if no burst of imagination comes to you, you can simply title it "Untitled". But a great title is a good way to get your fic noticed.

Author: Don't use your full real name. Use a pen name, an e-mail address, your LiveJournal username, or simply your first name.

Fandom: If you're writing a fic based on "Lost" or "Lord of the Rings" or even "Spivs", let your reader know!

Genre: What kind of fiction is it? AU, PWP, slash, het, romance, drama, action, horror, comedy? You can list more than one genre!

Rating: G (Anyone can read this!), PG (Very tame--no sexual content except kissing, a couple curse words), PG-13 (Appropriate for anyone 13 and older--mild language, mild sexual content, mild violence, but nothing graphic), R (Appropriate for anyone 17 and older--coarse language, heavy sexual content, violence, drug use), or NC-17 (Adults only! Very graphic sexually, with language, and/or with violence)

Warnings/Notes: Want to let your readers know something special about the fic? Want to thank someone who helped you edit? Also use this space to warn others about adult themes or awkward situations in your fic.

Disclaimer: Let everyone know that you don't own Dom, any other celebrities, any films or television shows. But make it clear what you do own.

Summary: It can be as simple as one word or as detailed as a short excerpt from your work. Just keep it clean.

2. What does AU mean? And PWP? What about slash, BDSM, and OFC?
AU: Alternate Universe--vampires, monsters, crossover fiction, anything that defies reality
PWP: Plot, What Plot?--a vignette that usually revolves entirely around sex
Slash: stories with two males or two females being romantically and.or sexually involved with each other
BDSM: Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism--very graphic sexual stories involving violence...not allowed on this site
OFC: Other Female Character--a description for pairings (such as Dom/OFC)

3. What is a cut and how do I do one?
Check this out.

4. Tags? What's that mean?
Check this out.

5. What is a beta reader and how do I get one?
A beta reader is someone who revises and edits your fiction, and offers helpful suggestions. Visit this community to place a beta reader request, or to search for a beta reader.

6. I have a question I want to ask! Can I post it in the community?
Please send all questions to JessterRoux@gmail.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

If you have something you would like to post on the bulletin board, send your notice to JessterRoux@gmail.com.

WANTED: Moderators for Dominated! Just drop me (Jess) an e-mail: JessterRoux@gmail.com.

WANTED: Affiliates! If you have got a fan fiction or Dom related site/community, send me an e-mail: JessterRoux@gmail.com.

"Original Sin" by JessterRoux
"Rest In Peace" by Tsuno

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